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Zenwest Newsletter – July 2016

Mini-Moment Monthly Quote
Sits and Special Events
Two Ways to Engage Deeper!
Calling All Member and Associates – Literally!
With Gratitude
Summer Sesshin: August 7-14, 2016
Meet a Member: Shinzen
Savouring Reverend Meiten McGuire’s Reflections on the Path – Zen Training in Everyday Life
Mary Was an Also
Write On!
Woodfest IV

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Growing Zenwest!

Growing Zenwest!

In order for our community to make it from today into the bright future, each we reach out to all Zenwest Members and Associates, as well as our friends and supporters around the world; who, like you, know first hand the value of belonging to the Zenwest Sangha and participating in our practice opportunities and events.

As a non-profit organization and federal charity, a significant part of our budget relies on charitable donations, and it is up to us to generate the resources that are required to keep our community developing, to support the practice opportunities and teaching that sustains us, and to keep generating the resources that allow us to share our wonderful community around the world.

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Zenwest Newsletter – June 2016

Two Ways To Engage Deeper! 
Meet a Member – Eko (Joshua) Goldberg
Spiritually Speaking Blog
Podcast Comment
Zenwest 2016 AGM
XYZen May 2016 Gathering – by Nathalie Jeffrey
Orientation Course
Adaptation in Perception – By Kyle Rasmussen
A Biased Review of Four Seasons Musical Theatre’s  “A Little Mermaid” – By Elder Hoyu Boulter
With Gratitude – by Seishin Ledingham

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Zenwest Newsletter – May 2016

Join us for Tuesday Zen
Annual General Meeting
With Gratitude
Poetry Offering – by Sonja de Wit
A Weekend With Genjo Marinello Osho: April 1–April 3, 2016 – By Elder Hoyu Boulter
20 KM Pilgrimage – By Egen Kelly
Meet a Member – Seishin Ledingham
Rock n Roll – by Kyoku Holland
Building Bridges – Carson Share Harris: USA
Spring Sesshin in Seattle at Chobo-ji – By Reverend Soshin McMurchy
Podcast comment – From a listener
Two Ways To Engage Deeper!
Ask Eshu!
Write On!

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Zenwest Newsletter – April 2016

Diamond Sutra
April Events: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Oh My!
Join Us for Tuesday Zen
Upcoming Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice Course April 2016 – by Rev. Doshu
The Gift – by Elder Hoyu Boulter
Inner Bee-ing – by Sarah Evans
A Home Blessing – by Seizan Philips
Meet a Member – Egen Kelly
Building Bridges: Roy Blackwell in Lund, B.C.
Comments from someone who listens to the Zenwest podcasts
Ask Eshu
Write On!

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Zenwest Newsletter – March 2016

New Venue for Tuesday Sits
Zenwest 2016 Q2 FUNdraising Drive – By Eshu Osho
January Swallowtail – By Elder Hōyū Boulter
Rocking It Out in Surprising Ways—an XYZen Event – By Seishin Ledingham
Soshin’s Travelling Nut Bar Recipe
When I Say God After Anne-Marie Turza’s Poem: “Dear God—And When I Say God, I mean the God” – By Shinzen Ruebsaat
Meet A Member: Inzen Jordan
Building Bridges: Our Sister Sangha in Nanaimo – by Jusan Barton
Lend An Ear – By Kozan Nishigaya
Ask Eshu!
Letter to the Editor (Our first one!)
Write On!

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Zenwest Newsletter – February 2016

New Practice Digs: Chapel Renos
The SMF Chanting Choir
Meet a Member: Janine Theobold
Building Bridges: Greetings from a Distance Member in Amsterdam! – by Richard Moore
XYZen Upcoming Gathering
Dare to be Different – photo by Elder Hoyu
Sangha in the Streets – By Eko Joshua Goldberg

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Zenwest Newsletter – January 2016

A Brief Word From Your Newsletter Team
Building Bridges – By Grace from Mauritius
What Is the Shika Role All About, Anyway? – By Reverend Doshu Rogers
Meet a Member: Hõyū Boulter
臘八 – Rōhatsu
Rohatsu Sesshin Reflections
Chanting Choir
Coming in February: Ask The Abbot Video Response
Write On!

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Zenwest Newsletter – December 2015

Harvest Potluck 2015: Zen Alive 35!
Meet A Member: Kendo Ralfs
XYZen – By Soshin McMurchy
Reflections from our Podcast Sangha
Building Bridges: Greetings from a Distance Member in Scandinavia!
Memorial Day Ceremony ~ Sooke Zendo ~ November 1, 2015 – by Reverend Soshin McMurchy
A Day in the Life of a Zen Osho – By Kigen Martin
Impermanence – By Elder Hoyu Boulter
Becoming Ino – By Elder Kidō deRosenroll
Oops, We Goofed!
Coming in 2016 – Ask The Abbot Video Response
Write On!

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Zenwest Newsletter – November 2015

Zenwest Fall Harvest Potluck November 7
Meet A Member: Kozan Nishigaya
XYZen: A Transformation for Zenwest’s Women’s Social Group
Film Review: This Changes Everything
Volunteer Update
Practice Opportunities: Densu—Preparing The Space

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