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Your donation helps Zenwest to continue to provide local practice offerings in the Zendo and the many services and supports that we offer around the world such as the Living Zen podcast, on-line courses and videos. You can make a difference by ensuring that we can continue to deliver our outstanding programming!

Thank you for helping to make Zen come alive at Zenwest!

In order for our community to make it from today into the bright future, we reach out to all Zenwest Members and Associates, as well as our friends and supporters around the world; who, like you, know first hand the value of belonging to the Zenwest Sangha and participating in our practice opportunities and events.

As a non-profit organization and federal charity, a significant part of our budget relies on charitable donations, and it is up to us to generate the resources that are required to keep our community developing, to support the practice opportunities and teaching that sustains us, and to keep generating the resources that allow us to share our wonderful community around the world.

You can click on the donate button to make your secure contribution through paypal from our website today. Take an active part in co-creating your Sangha by supporting the Vision of the Zenwest Buddhist Society.

A new option is to become a Patron of Zenwest, by committing to making monthly donations. You can become a Patron by visiting our DONATIONS page.

If you would like to arrange monthly donations, please email Eko at and he will get you all set up.

You can also make your donation by clicking on this link DONATE or by copying the following link into your browser.

You can also contribute by submitting a cheque, payable to “Zenwest Buddhist Society” to the address below, or to the board treasurer Rev. Soshin in person.

Zenwest Buddhist Society
2738 Roseberry Avenue,
Victoria, BC V8R 3T9

Please remember that the Zenwest Buddhist Society is a federally registered charity, and as such, a receipt for all charitable donations will be issued, which can be used for income tax purposes.

Thank you once again for helping to make Zen come alive!