Do you want to deepen your practice and learn to manifest the roles of Jikijitsu, Densu or Shoji? Join the zendo team and really dive into your practice. All sits are run by volunteers on the zendo team and we are always looking for more people to help out.

The Zendo Team creates a functional and stable group practice environment for the Zenwest Sangha and community at large. By placing the responsibility for the various aspects of Zendo form on clearly defined officer roles, our team allows everyone to focus on their own practice without worrying about group sitting logistics. This simultaneously provides practice opportunities for Zenwest members and associates to engage with those officer roles; dropping away their selves, and manifesting fully in the moment as a chant leader, time keeper or tea server.

We value commitment, diligence, attention to detail and willingness to learn. These qualities coupled with a desire to deepen ones Zen practice make anyone a strong addition to the Zendo Team.

Members of the Zendo Team are asked at the end of each month to state which sits they can commit to attending, so the schedule can be made for the coming month. The number of sits that a team member attends each month is free to vary, but they are expected to hold to the commitments they make.

How to join: Speak with the Zendo Team Captain (Ino) in person at a Zenwest sit about joining the team.