The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for pairing Zenwest members and associates with one of the many volunteer positions available to be filled at Zenwest.  At Zenwest, volunteering time and energy to the running of the centre not only ensures that the events and sits run smoothly, but it is also becomes an integral aspect of practice.  There is frequently a time that arrives in one’s relationship with Zenwest when the concept of volunteering evolves into something else entirely – simply being a aspect of one’s daily practice.  There is also a culture growing at Zenwest where the centre is less about being “fee for service” and more about a culture of working together to grow a vibrant community; this is where the Volunteer Coordinator comes in!  I like the idea of “not ask what Zenwest can do for you, ask what can you do for Zenwest?”.  There are many teams that work hard to run Zenwest, everything from the Zendo Team to Sangha Support and that Marketing Team.  We are always looking for members and associates to step in and help “make Zen come alive” and grow a strong a vibrant community.