Zenwest Newsletter – September 2015

October Orientation:  Building Blocks For A Strong Foundation
Practice Opportunities: “Getting Jiki Wit It”
Coming Very, Very Soon – Q4 Fundraising Drive (Dana)
Galloping Goose Pilgrimage
Sangha Day-trip by Rev Soshin McMurchy
Flash From The Past, taken at Harvest Potluck 2012 – Photo credit: Elder Hōyū Boulter
Gone Fishin’ – By Kigen Martin
“How To Make A Difference In The World Breath by Breath”—Elder Hōyū Boulter
Time Flies Like An Arrow – Photo credit: Elder Hōyū Boulter
Meet a Member: Reverend Soshin McMurchy
Warning about Volunteerism!
Write On!

Zenwest Newsletter – August 2015

授戒 – Jukai
Fun! Fun! Fun! – by Elder Hoyu Boulter
Summer Sesshin ~ Sitting With Sun and Thunderstorm
Community (For S) – by Elder Hoyu Boulter
Meet a Member – Rev. Doshu Rogers