Kokizan-ji Hermitage Project


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Our Kokizan-ji (Red Flag Mountain Temple) Hermitage project is under way!

Our vision is to create small hermitage buildings, with just enough room to sleep 2 for short term visitors or students at Zenwest.

Working with local talent, designers, builders and artisans in our own community, we continue to make Zen come alive by offering more and more opportunities for Zen practice available right here on Vancouver Island.

Our projected budget for the first hermitage is $5,000. Our goal is to raise this before August 31, 2013!

Please, make a contribution to this project, and help co-create Red Flag Mountain Temple!

Your support and contribution to this vision is very much appreciated.

Several Members and Friends of Zenwest have offered the following thank you gifts that are available to our donors on this project:

Donate $20 or More: 

            • 1 free coffee at Stick in the Mud Coffee House (0 of 10 left)
            • Entered into a draw to win 1lb of "Eshu's Habit" coffee
            • Estimated delivery: September 2013
Donate $250 or more:
            • 22" x 22" print by Coast Salish (Lyackson) First Nation artist and Member Dylan Thomas (0 of 5 left)
            • Estimated delivery: October 2013
Donate $500 or more:
            • Private guided Tea Ceremony with Abbot Ven. Eshu in the Hermitage at Red Flag Mountain Temple (2 of 2 left)
            • Estimated delivery: October 2013 (upon completion of Hermitage)
Donate $5,000 or more:
            • Hermitage will be named for you (3 of 3 left)
            • Estimated delivery: Upon completion of construction

The Zenwest Buddhist Society is a federally registered charity in Canada, therefore a receipt will be issued for all donations, which can be used for income tax purposes.



Strategic Planning for 2012

Here is a fun little video showing some of the fun we had in the strategic planning meeting for the Victoria Zen Centre for 2012.  We used the Business Model Canvas for the first time and found it really helpful!


Monastic Mom

One woman prepares to become Zenwest’s first-ever female monk

Soshin Ruth McMurchy has one dilemma on her mind: can she get her robes sewn in time? McMurchy is not much for needlework or sewing, but she’ll have to get good — she’s about to become the Zenwest Buddhist Society’s first-ever ordained female monk, and crafting her own robes is the first order of business.

Read the full article on Monday Magazine.

The Making of a Zen Monk

Victoria Zen Centre to hold Victoria's first Buddhist Ordination

Doshu Lars Rogers has a first-hand understanding of suffering and impermanence. In February 2002, he found himself in the intensive care unit of Vancouver General Hospital more dead than alive having been air lifted from his family’s homestead on Malcolm Island just off of Vancouver Island’s north coast. The diagnosis was acute leukemia, and the prognosis was not hopeful.


Gentei Osho visit to Zenwest

Gentei Osho visit to the VZC

From November 14th to 17th, we enjoyed a visit and weekend intensive with Kozan Gentei Osho, abbot of Sosenji, North Carolina Zen Centre. Gentei Osho was the first student that Joshu Sasaki Roshi authorized as a teacher in the west. Our weekend included an opportunity for a welcome potluck, at which members had the opportunity to meet and get to know Gentei Osho. Here he is sitting with the sangha kids enjoying some wonderful food.


VZC 2008 Harvest Potluck

VZC 2008 Harvest Potluck

On Sunday October 26, 2008 our community gathered together for an evening of food, community, fun, music and dancing as we held our annual Fall Harvest Potluck. This year we had so many in attendance we rented the Oaklands community centre for the event!